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UV Bonded

JAT Glass Ltd has evolved over many hours of in-depth research and developments ensuring the quality of our products are of the highest standards. Glass manufacturers have been constantly monitored to ensure we receive carefully prepared elements and joints and have been extensively tested to demonstrate their strengths and durability. The designs have been carefully considered to be stylish and practical and will add a rich and pleasing effect to the surroundings for which it is purchased.

Transparent materials are a great way to soften the hard edges of minimalism and, because they are see through; they are perfect for small spaces and urban living.

UV Bonded | JAT Glass Ltd

JAT Glass Ltd offers our customers bespoke UV bonded service. We have over 20 years of experience in glass bonding and offer one of the largest ranges of products related to this technology.

The advantages for your business are clear: practically unlimited design possibilities, for example in the construction of glass furniture, by invisible bonds and extremely high bonding strength and very short processing times, not to mention low investment requirements for equipment.

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