JAT Glass Ltd


JAT Glass Ltd has a fully automated cutting & loading system from Bottero. With such a state of the art system in place, this has allowed us to maximise on productivity and efficiently deliver products to our customers with high quality standards.

  • We hold stock size of 3210mm x 2250mm
  • Bigger sizes are available upon request.

We have two Bottero cutting tables with an automated Bottero glass stock management system (loading machine) which caters to both the tables. Our Bottero glass stock management system has double side loading and is suitable for standard line configuration to handle glass 4mm to 19mm with a glass depth of 1,000mm.

Our Bottero cutting tables ensure quality and accurate flat cutting. With a series of pneumatic lifting timing belts for the loading of the loader and the unloading in the glass processing area, allows the possibility of implementing any complex cutting scheme including straight cut and shape cut options. It is also possible to adjust the cutting parameters directly from our computer systems and the configuration can be memorised with association to the type of glass. The electronic control of all parameters (pressure, speed, cutting acceleration, oil quantity on cut, head descent time, beginning of cut head pressure delta) is constantly ensured by the machine control program. This way the cutting quality is excellent and consistent, which means we maintain a good glass breakout quality.

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