JAT Glass Ltd

Bevelling / Shape Bevelling

JAT Glass Ltd provides a high quality bevelling service with two bevelling systems, Lattuada Adelio & Bovone.

Our Lattuada Adelio bevelling system is an automatic straight line bevelling machine for cerium polished bevel. High performance and quality is delivered by this system. With capabilities to adjust the conveyor, automatically set the machine for processing small pieces ensures consistent quality of high standards. Automatic management of the data regarding the bevel width and inclination, the edge thickness and the working speed are also detected. Data is  memorised for processing of standard, double and triple bevels. A visualisation of the glass sheet position during the processing is also automatically adapted to.

Our Bovone bevelling system is an automatic straight line bevelling machine for cerium polished bevel and pencil edge grinding. It consists of 2 diamond metallic cup wheels, 5 diamond resin cup wheels, 1 diamond metallic pencil edge wheel and 4 felts. The grouped motor spindles for metallic wheels assure stiffness and improve the closing of angles as well as the straightness of the bevel. The pencil edge wheel placed between diamond wheels and felts, enables to split up different processing’s reducing fluid exchange. The 4 poles felts (1,30 KW) motor spindles allow an enhanced couple upon the felt itself creating a noiseless and reliable system. Overall advantages, better performance, increase in production, less processing rejects, faster and more accurate product delivery to our customers.

JAT Glass Ltd is one of the few companies within UK that still provide shape bevelling as a service. With skilled workmanship and technology inhouse, we provide a high quality service to meet your specific requirements.

Our Lattuada Adelio shape bevelling system is a semiautomatic machine for bevelling and the grinding of shaped / rectilinear glass sheets.

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