JAT Glass Ltd


JAT Glass Ltd provides a quality polishing service with three polishing machines catering to your polished requirements. We have two Lattuada Adelio polishing systems & one Bovone polishing system.

Our Lattuada Adelio polishing systems are electronic straight-line edging machines; they process flat edge with arris and then polish with the use of liquid cerium oxide. Read outs placed on the control panel, allows JAT Glass to set adjustments as working speed and glass thickness. We also have a mechanic glass clamping system in built, in order to avoid the wheels wear and tear, a centralised lubrication system is also fitted. The conveyor belt is composed of padding made of special materials which are mounted on precision chains. Quality is ensured at all stages of production with automatic regulation of the arris wheels when the glass thickness changes.

Our Bovone polishing system is a straight line edging machine for flat edge cerium polishing for rear and front seams. The main movements of the machine are controlled automatically, the working parameters are set and visualised through an operator interface. Edge removal is set adjusting the height of the entrance conveyor. Analogical amperometers allow constant control of wheels absorption and therefore their correct functioning.

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