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Bespoke Glass Furniture

The process of bonding using adhesive cured by ultra violet (UV) light is a relatively new process. Single component adhesives achieve their final hardness through the exposure of UV light (ray spectrum 315 – 400nm). The finished bond is crystal clear or highly transparent and depending on the type of adhesive: very hard or elastic. The special advantage of these adhesives is their easy and clean application as well as extremely short curing times and high stability. We use the finest adhesives and have developed special relationships with manufacturers to produce the ultimate joint which is stronger than glass itself. Due to the intense UV light used in adhesive curing process our staff has been highly trained, working to a very high standard of health and safety.

In addition to the comprehensive range of glass furniture we have opened the door to your imagination. We offer a bespoke service where you can create your own design or work with our designers to create furniture to your personal style.

Bespoke Glass Furniture | JAT Glass Ltd

If you desire enhanced clarity and ultra clean lines, specific glass such as opti white or low iron. Almost colourless, this glass has a low iron content, which virtually eliminates the green hue inherent in our standard clear glass. This is especially noticeable on exposed, polished edges and thicker glass such as table tops.

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